Thursday, May 7, 2009

Website is now back online!

Greetings Folks! Sorry for the delay but the website is now back online. We've posted all the results and attached a few photos from the race. Also, see the poem on the accounts of Capitol Peak created by Jim HTML clipboardUpdegrove. Thanks Jim for all the great poetry!

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Capitol Peak 50M/55KM

by Jim Updegrove

The gods of Olympia rained down their power

Washed out the trails with many a shower.

Volunteer workers, many hours they toiled

They refused to let this race be spoiled.

The rain, yes it stopped, for the start of the race

Ninety anxious runners set a fast pace.

The trail quickly rose, a thousand feet or more

And in just 4 miles, it seemed like a chore.

Three big climbs in all, the last being the worst

Quads felt like they were going to burst.

5o Mile:

Gutierrez won the 50

Ohlrich pushed him all day.

While Hewey succeeded

In keepingVarner at bay.

Jenny Capel ran with an easy stride

Veronica McIlvenna followed, she upheld her pride.

In third came Kris Ryding, a local volunteer

She helped clear the trails to get ready this year.


Michael Havrda set the pace for the day

And just like the wind, blew everyone away.

Jesse Stevick ran hard for second place

John Berta finished third which is no disgrace.

Alison Hanks led the gals right down to the line

Then came Shawna Wilskey thinking second was fine.

Becky Braun came in third, she left many behind

I know she can tell you, this trail’s one of a kind.

The gods of Olympia, awakened by feet

Sent out great clouds and torrents of sleet.

Snow hung on the treetops, it covered the trail

The hardy shivered on while volunteers turned pale.

John Bandur, still running, drinking beer for leaven

He’s Grand Slammer #2, of 1987.

John led the old geezers around on this run

He won the senior division and he’s just 71.

The Arkansas Travelers came the most miles

When Laura Earley finished, she dazzled in smiles.

Jamie Gifford received his fifth year award

A Capitol Peak print that he really adored.

Eighty six runners finished from this group

And on this cold day enjoyed Mom’s and Dad’s soup.