Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Capitol Peak 50 mile and 55km 2010 results finalized

Results for the Capitol Peak 50 mile and 55km are now finalized:
50 mile:

The 6th Annual Capitol Peak 50 mile and 55Km was blessed by sunny conditions, a new course, a record breaking crowd and record breaking performances! We doubled the number of entrants this year with 170 starters and 155 finishers overall; 88 finished the 50 mile and 67 finished the 55km. It was great to see so many folks (about 24) who came from Canada, along with 1 from Mexico and several from the east coast! Many runners PR'ed, some of which ran the fastest time by over an hour on the newly modified course. I was anticipating slower times this year since I had to rerouted the course up some of the tougher trails up Capitol Peak, but I was proven wrong in many instances.

The 50 mile women and men showed that the course was more runnable this year then before with the faster times than in previous years, by almost an hour faster. Pam Smith from Salem, Oregon won the women division with a time of 8:00:35, followed not too far behind Shawna Wilskey for 2nd in 8:08 and Tia Gabalita for 3rd in 8:20 (also 1st women masters). Rhea George managed to capture the 1st to Capitol Peak and also still finish in the top 4 for women! Alex Henry won with a time of 6:34:17 followed by Justin Angle for 2nd in 6:39 and Yassine Diboun for 3rd in 6:41. Alex and Yassine were contemplating at the finish who really won the 1st to the Peak, but Alex was nice enough to hand over the prize to Yassine. Adam Hewey was the 1st Masters for men in the 50 mile. Cindie McKenna was the 1st and only senior to finish the 50 miler. She ran with both arms in casts and finished with a huge smile on her face!

The 55km women and men also showed some fast times. Ellen Sims won the 55km for women with a time of 6:09:11, followed by Darcie Gorman for 2nd in 6:28 and Francie Hankins for 3rd in 6:50. Ryne Melcher won the 55km for men with a time of 4:45:32, followed by Joshua Estep for 2nd in 4:54 and Brad Reed for 3rd in 4:59. Larry Abraham swept the masters and senior division with a astounding time of 5:47:48! Six additional seniors also finished the 55km which include: Clem LaCava, Kent Holder (70+), Paul Doyle, Wild Bill Voiland, Jeffrey Vieyra, and John Bandur (70+).

A huge contingent of volunteers were very gracious for coming out for a long day at various aid stations throughout Capitol State Forest. We couldn't operate without all these wonderful volunteers. Also thanks also to Friends of Capitol Forest for all their support in trail maintenance that provided over 1000's of hours on the trail! Also thanks to the South Puget Sound Mobile Search and Rescue unit for giving radio and medical staffing support at all the aid stations. As we mentioned, our proceeds go towards Friends of Capitol Forest and the South Puget Sound Mobile Search and Rescue!

Thank you's go out to a multitude of volunteer individuals which include (with respective aid station or other volunteer duties):
Trail work on specific parts of the course: Dave Mora, Terry Pruit, Garrett Ragsdale, Francis Agboton, Dave Molenaar, Jim Szumila, Karen Wiggins and John Pearch
Packet Pickup: Kris Ryding, Heidi Perry, Elena Perry, Rachael Jamison, James Varner
Course Marking: James Varner and Kris Ryding
Race Day Registration: Harvey Hall, Glenn Rogers, and other runners crew members chipping in!
Parking: Roger Michel and Darrel Roberts
Aid Station 1: South Puget Sound Mobile Search and Rescue
Aid Station 2 (Falls Ck): Jim Graham, Dan Saul, Trevor Hostetler, Josh Morse, and Trey
Aid station 3 (Mt Molly): Club Oly, Bill Herzog, Jennifer Seward, Julie, Paul, Andy and Phil Kochik.
Aid Station 4 (Capitol Peak jct): James Varner, Laurie Rich, Rebbecca
Aid station 5 (Wedekind): Kris Ryding, Laura Houston, Charlie Crissman, Roger Michel,
Sweepers: Ulrike, Anne, Kris and Laura.
Course monitors: Glenn Rogers (motorbike challenger extraordinaire), Dave Mora and Terry Pruit.
Supply Van Drivers: Mike Adams and Charlie Crissman
Finish line support: David Snyder (FOCF coordinator providing finish line tents,firewood and much much more!)
Finish line Timing: Brent Warner and Nick Harvey
Our special cook's and chef's: Bill and Helene Pearch (aka Mom and Dad), Jim Szumila, Robert Woods, Frank and Donna Sifuentes.

Also thanks to John Tanasse for giving Active Release technique to runners at the finish and to Theron Eirish for massaging runners at the finish!

Also special thanks go out to all our sponsors, including: South Sound Running, The Balanced Athlete, Route 16 Running and Walking, Ultrarunning Magazine, Trail Runner magazine, Guerrilla Running, Patagonia, nuun electrolyte drink, The Olympia Food Coop, and San Francisco Street Bakery. Also thanks to Wild Bill Graphics for designing and printing all the great tshirts. A HUGE thanks to UltraSignup and Mark Gilligan for compiling all the online registration and results!

We also very much appreciate all the support the Washington State Department of Natural Resources has given us and permitted all our events for the past 8 years!
And last but not least, thanks to Michael Scholl for taking all the wonderful photos. (See link)

Thanks to all who came out to support Capitol Peak! Hope to see you all next year.

John Pearch
RD-Capitol Peak Ultras