Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2011 Capitol Peak Ultras Events

Please check out Capitol Peak Ultras new website for upcoming trail races for 2011 in Capitol State Forest near Olympia, WA: http://www.capitolpeakultras.com. We made a lot of improvements to the site. So if you use any old sublinks... they will not work. Thanks to Mark Gilligan (UltraSignup) and many others for helping out in getting the new website up and running!! Please continue to check the website or blog for more updates (i.e, sponsors link).

It is hard to believe that a decade has gone by so fast after starting up all the races in Capitol Forest in 2002. It is my pleasure to continue directing these events and keep the same traditions going. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors over the years to keep us running strong!

The 10th annual Mega Fat Ass will be on Saturday January 15, 2011 with the same tradition as previous years: no frills, no awards, no t's but a small $5 fee to help pay for permit fees. Weather and depending on snow conditions, the course is an out and back course to Capitol Peak and back. However, we are starting at a new location from Margarette McKenney Campground. The race will follow a similar route to Falls Ck (17 mile out and back) and the 34 mile out and back to Capitol Peak. Well sort of out and back;^), this year the 34 mile ultra distance with get to do Capitol Peak twice, with the infamous Grunt trail. However, this course may change due to snow on the Peak. There will be a drop bag at the Falls Ck station, however, please bring your own food and warm gear...cotton is rotten!!

Donations will be appreciated that will go towards the Friends of Capitol Forest. The start will be at 8:00 am at Margarette McKenney Campground, on the east side of Capitol Forest off of Wadell Road. Camping will be available only at Margarette McKenney. Be prepared for another fun filled course with probably lot's of snow, and be prepared for any last minute course changes. Beyond the traditional fat ass, since we have to get a permit with DNR, everyone needs to sign a waiver, so please see the website for more details on how to register: www.capitolpeakultras.com/Mega_Fat_Ass.html

The 7th annual Capitol Peak 50 Mile and 55 Km will be on Saturday April 30, 2011.

The race start/finish is scheduled for Mima Falls campground, however, this may change depending on ongoing logging operations in Capitol Forest (so stay tuned on potential changes to the start/finish and course changes). The regular starting time for all races will be 6:00 a.m. Early start is only for 50 milers which is at 5:00 a.m. The 50 mile course is planned to be the same as last years but be prepared for any last minute course changes. See the website for more details and to register. http://www.capitolpeakultras.com/CP50mile.html (online registration is also available at UltraSignup)
TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE $10 DISCOUNT BEFORE JANUARY 16!! Also, you can also get an additional $10 discount if you sign up immediatley after a trail work party. The next work party is scheduled for December 1, 2010 with Friends of Capitol Forest. We'll also have trail work parties later in January through April, 2011.

Capitol Peak Ultras and Guerilla Running are also joining forces and proud to announce the 2011 Capitol Forest Triple Crown Series! We will both award the top three overall (cumulative fastest time) male and female runners that complete the Capitol Peak Fat Ass, the Mountain Marathon and the Capital Peak 50 mile and 55k in 2011. We will award the overall series winners in the long-course and short course divisions at the Capitol Peak 50 mile and 55km post-race dinner on April 30, 2011.
Long Course Division: Capital Peak Mega Fat-ass 55K, Mountain Marathon, Capitol Peak 50-miler.
Short Course Division: Capitol Peak Fat-ass 27K, Hillbilly 1/2 Marathon, Capitol Peak 55K.
Information on the Mountain Marathon and Hillbilly 1/2 Marathon can be found at:
The 50 mile is also apart of the Washington Ultra Series, which consists of several great ultras in Washington State. See the website for more details: http://www.trail-run-crazy.com/Washington-Ultra-Series.html(administered by Herb Reeves and UltraSignup)

All Capitol Peak Ultra events are a benefit for the Friends of Capitol Forest, a non-profit group that is working hard to take care of Capitol Forest.
We are also again donating to Washington Trails Association through Glenn Tachiyama's awesome "Tribute to the Trails" 2011 Calendar. Please purchase a calendar and help support the WTA!!

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for any of our events or trail work opportunities. We encourage anyone to come out to volunteer for the day and give back to the trails!

See you on the trails soon!

John Pearch, RD-Capitol Peak Ultras
For questions email: capitolpeak@gmail.com