Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Capitol Peak 50 mile and 55km ANOTHER HUGE SUCCESS!

Photo by Glenn Tachiyama

Capitol Peak Ultras once again hurdled many obstacles to make a successful turnout for the Capitol Peak 50 mile and 55k on April 28, 2012! In January, the Mega Fat Ass was cancelled due to record braking snow fall (3+ feet) and ice fallen trees. Where did that leave us?...A whole lot of trail work! So hats off to many people for all their efforts in scouting out and working on trails in February, March and April this year! Friends of Capitol Forest (FOCF) a non-profit group who put forth in maintaining trails in Capitol State Forest has conducted trail work parties once a month since 2006...amounting to 1000's of hours of trail work to make it a great place to run and recreate. Capitol Peak Ultras also put forth a great deal of effort in cooperation with FOCF.  And as a result of excess post-race funds we donate to give back to the trails...give back to FOCF for all their efforts they have given throughout the year.   Capitol Peak Ultras give pride every year to put on the Capitol Peak 50 mile and 55k as a fundraiser for FOCF, as this has helped maintain trails in Capitol State Forest and is our mission for years to come.  FOCF were again at our Falls Creek aid station who provide a huge contingency of support and enthusiasm (and tequila for those really in need;`)  FOCF also provide the large tent and other equipment at the finish.  We also donate to South Puget Sound Mobile Search and Rescue (SPSMSAR), who graciously provide radio communication at all the aid stations and vehicle transportation/first aid support for any potential emergencies during the race. 
As many of you are aware the 50 mile and 55k course were the same course as last year (with exception of adding the new 6A trail near the finish).  This year the weather was also very cooperative with fog on the Peak and sunshine at the finish!  
  • 66 finished the 55Km with about 8 who started as 50 mile and took the 55k finish option at Capitol Peak.
  • The 55k had 6 senior finishers including: Kent Holder (70+), James Betts, Tim Hunnicutt, Wild Bill Voiland, Chris Ralph and Tom Ripley
  • The 5 year finisher for the 55k goes to Barry Hopkins   
  • The 55km overall winners were fast! Rod Bien from Bend, Oregon broke last years course record (the same course as 2011) by almost 40 minutes (4:18:08)! 
  • In addition, the top 4 men also broke last years winners time time, with Gary Robbins for 2nd (4:35), Brandon Sullivan for 3rd (4:44) and Tony Hawkes (4:57) for 4th. Rod, Gary and Brandon managed to finish within the top 10 finishing times of the history of the race.
  • The womens 55K field was even more impressive for the battle for the win when Kathleen Eagan won by less than 2 minutes (5:45:59) and Hillary McKinstry finishing 5:47:33.  Both Kathleen and Hillary were neck-and-neck the entire race!  Ann Larson placed 3rd women (6:07), followed by Dana Samis (6:23) for 4th. Kathleen, Hillary and Ann managed to finish within the top 10 finishing times of the history of the race.
The 50 mile course was also fast and furious with many impressive finishes! 
  • 83 finished the 50 mile, with 98 starters (about 8 took the 55k finish option at Capitol Peak and 7 DNF's)
  • The 50 mile had 2 senior finishers including: Rainer Schulz and Mike "Bushwacker" Burke
  • 5 year finishers for the 50 mile include: Eric Barnes, Mike Burke, Rainer Schulz, Jeff Wright and Lorie Alexander. 
  • The women's 50 mile race was amazing! Jen Edwards managed to take the lead with only about 6 miles to from the finish and won with a time of 8:55:47. Tasha Hogan took second only minutes behind Jen with a time of 8:58:51! Tasha was First to the Peak, who was the first woman to reach Capitol Peak summit (at mile 20) and finish the 50 mile distance. Both Jen and Tasha finished within the top 10 finishing times of the history of the race. Gili Katzman placed 3rd women (9:33), followed by Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs (9:54). 
  • The men's 50 mile race was also impressive. Nicholas Triolo won with a time of 7:06:57. Dan Olmstead placed 2nd (7:15) followed by Trevor Hostetler for 3rd (7:30) and Ethan Linck for 4th (7:38).   Nicholas was the First to the Peak, who was the first male to reach Capitol Peak summit  (at mile 20) and also finish the 50 mile distance.  Nicholas and Dan managed to finish within the top 10 finishing times of the history of the race.
We are indebted to many volunteers who also came forward to participate in this years 50 mile and 55km. 

Those that came to aid in trail work efforts in February, March and April include:
Rob Dengel, Jen Edwards, Melissa and Matt Klungle, Dave Molenaar, David Mora, John Pearch, Heidi Perry, Herb Reeves, Charles South, Jim Szumila, Brandon Williams, and the Friends of Capitol Forest.  All made a huge effort in getting the trails cleared after the big ice storm and other wind storms this year in Capitol Forest! 

Several people made several "double dipping" efforts to help make Capitol Peak a great race!  Thanks go out to the all the volunteers for all their huge support (please forgive me if I don't have everyone):
  • Course Markers: Jen Edwards (16 miles), Dave Molenaar (6 miles), David Mora (18 miles)
  • Thursday Packet stuffing party: Heidi Perry, Herb Reeves, Marilou Powers-Russell, David Mora, Dave Molenaar, Kris Ryding, Rob Dengel, Ulrike Krotscheck, Jim Holbrooks, Melissa and Matt Klungle
  • Soup Prep: Karen Wiggins, Roberta Woods and Jim Szumila
  • Packet Pickup at South Sound Running: Graham Johnson, Heidi Perry, Kris Ryding, Karen Wiggins, Roberta Woods
  • Ulrike and Jim for picking up bakery goods at San Francisco St Bakery
  • Thanks also to South Sound Running for letting us once again use their store as a packet pickup location!
  • David Snyder and FOCF for setting up their event tent on Friday
  • Aid Station supplier, driving and setting up aid stations: Herb Reeves
  • EMT support: Serg Kagno stationed at Capitol Peak
  • Race Day Registration: Heidi Perry, Roger Michel, Jason Leman, and Jennifer Love
  • Post race meal: Karen Wiggins, Roberta Woods, Jim Szumila, and my parents Bill and Helen Pearch (arriving home from Greece the night before!)
  • Photographer: Glenn Tachiyama on Capitol Peak summit
  • Aid Station A1/A9: David Mora and Holly Knowles and  SPSMSAR
  • Aid Station A2/A8: Matt Hagen and FOCF and  SPSMSAR
  • Aid Station A3/A4: Melissa and Matt Klungle, Ulrike and Jim, Dillon Yanick and Serg Kagnoarts  and  SPSMSAR
  • Aid Station A5/A7:  Jason Leman, Jennifer Love, John Bandur  and  SPSMSAR
  • Aid Station A6: Bill Herzog and Club Oly Running  and  SPSMSAR
  • Sweepers: Dave Molenaar (1st 25), Herb Reeves (last 20 miles), Melissa Klungle (Capitol Peak to Falls)
  • Finish line Timing: Tony Seabolt, Rob Dengel, John Clark, Laurie Rich, Kermit Oglesby, and Heidi Perry
  • Thanks also to Route 16 for letting us borrow their tent and other gear for timing.
  • Thanks also to Ultra Signup and Mark Gilligan for providing their excellent timing system!
  • Finish line awards: Heidi Perry
  • Finish raffle: Heidi Perry, Elena Perry and her friend Sophia
Thanks also to all of our sponsors who provided merchandise and goods for either our awards or food/drinks:
  • Hammer Nutrition
  • Scott Sports
  • Patagonia
  • South Sound Running
  • The Balanced Athlete
  • Route 16 Running and Walking
  • Fleet Feet Sports (Seattle)
  • Ultra Signup
  • Ultrarunning Magazine
  • Trail Runner Magazine and the Trail Runner Trophy Series
  • Roger Michel and Evergreen Trail Running
  • Club Oly Running
  • San Francisco Street Bakery
  • Pat Ackley and Starbucks 
  • Olympia Food Coop
  • Wild Bill Graphics (for printing the tshirts)
  • Mug Revolution (hand crafted age group mugs)
Thanks also to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources for continued support and permitting this event!

Results, Photos and stories about the race can be found here:
Please let me know if you would like to add your blog with any stories about your experience at Capitol Peak!

If you would like to purchase a high resolution photograph, please see Glenn Tachiyamas photos:

Thanks for your support in making Capitol Peak another successful race! See you all next year!

John Pearch
RD- Capitol Peak Ultras