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Here are a few things to know for Capitol Peak on April 28!

1) If you plan spending the night in a hotel in Olympia, you might want to book now. Olympia's Arts festival and Procession of the Species is happening on Friday and Saturday. Check out some hotels on the event website: We also recommend a hotel either in Tumwater or West Olympia! Or camping is free at Margarette McKenny campground (first come first serve basis- no reservations but a Discover Pass is required to park for camping and all day at the race on April 28: . Please make sure you purchase a Discover Pass online. They DO NOT have a place to pay at the campground!

2) You should consider coming to Olympia earlier, pickup your packet at South Sound Running between 3-6pm . South Sound Running is located at 3409 Capitol Blvd in Olympia. Then go check out the Arts Walk in downtown Olympia! Here is information about the Arts Walk:

3) If you didn't get a chance to order a Patagonia tshirt you may order on Ultrasignup 12:00 midnight April 2, 2012 is our cutoff time for ordering Patagonia tshirts! These Patagonia tshirts are women and men sized!
Also, please spread the word for anyone else interested, save $$ and register before April 2!

4) We've updated the course information regarding cutoff times on our course site: (see aid station planning for respective distance you are running).
As you can see our regular start is at 6:30am. However, we are also allowing both 50M and 55k runners to take the early start at 5:30 am. Please email me if you are interested or debating taking the early start. We made some cutoffs more stringent for the 55k since in the past we have had to have 2 sets of sweepers. By allowing the 55k runners to start the early start, it will allow more time to get to the aid station and both races will be more in sync. Please understand why we had to change our cutoffs to keep our volunteers happy! So if you think it will take you longer to get to the aid stations, please consider the early start. And please no fast runners in the early start! I included the "Station Opens" column on this same site so you can judge if will be too fast (for the 1st or 2nd aid stations) to do the early start and so you don't show up at the aid station before the station is even open. The open and closing times are based on last years first and last runners times at each aid station but about a half hour later, since the race starts a half hour later.
The plan is to run the same course as last year, but pending trail condition and potential trail damage from winter storms. There is one small revision near the finish, on the new 6A trail, thanks to the Friends of Capitol Forest!

Also, you can also see that if you start as the 50mile and decide its not your day or whatever other reason you can still finish on the 55k course after A4 and still get a finishing time for the 55k.
But there are a couple reasons to go for the 50 mile finish:
50 mile is only apart of the Washington Ultra Series! The 55k is not.
And the 50 mile you can only earn the First to the Peak award (1st men and women each who reach the summit of Capitol Peak and then still finishes all 50 miles!)

5) As of right now there is still some snow above 1500 feet in Capitol Forest. We are waiting to do more trail work in the upper area of the forest once the snow melts. But there are other areas that we plan to do trail work in the lower portions in the mean time. If you are in the area and want to come join the Olympia Trail Runners for a run before the trail work, it would be great opportunity to get some idea about the race course and give back to the trails. You can also earn a Capitol Peak pint glass for your help!

Our next trail work is on Sunday April 1. We will meet at Top Foods in West Olympia at 9:00 am

Sat April 14 and Sun April 15 we will also have 2 days of trail runs and trail work. We realize that some might be running other races that weekend but thought we'd have both days open to anyone interested since we will be going out anyways that weekend to catch up on trail work and trail runs (scouting for trail work). Please email me if interested in one of these days and I will let you know what time and the location of our meeting.

6) If you have a friend or family that might be interested in helping at an aid station, we would greatly appreciate their help. Please email me if you have any interest in helping! All volunteers will earn a Capitol Peak pint glass for their help!

7) Hammer is proudly sponsoring Capitol Peak Ultras again this year. Aid stations will be stocked with Gels, HEED, and E-Caps, and Fizz electrolyte supplements. We are very thankful to Hammer for all their generous support! In addition, I am also individually sponsored by Hammer as a Ultracyclist. So, if your interested in ordering Hammer products to prepare for Capitol Peak, please check out how you can save 15% on your first order:

8) We also have our special Capitol Peak hand crafted mugs for our age group winners...thanks to Mug Revolution!

Good luck in your training! Please let me know if you have any questions about your training or other details about Capitol Peak Ultramarathon!

Thanks to all our sponsors, volunteers and Friends of Capitol Forest who helped make this event a success over the years. Friends of Capitol Forest will again be there to help provide the large event tent and also will be working the Falls Creek Aid Station and if you dare, withTequila!

Thanks for your interest in Capitol Peak!

John Pearch
RD-Capitol Peak Ultras

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